18 May 2014

So its been a while but....

Hi Everyone!

First of all I'd like to apologise for not keeping thing blog up to date as I really wanted to share the journey Sarah and I had together building our house. My manager once said (and continues to say)

"When we lose our excuses we find our results"... WV

Be ready I'll just add all the photos I have while we were still building and give a bit of commentary.

Garage Side Brick work Almost done

Front Facade getting completed 
Render on the Front Facade 
Interior With cupboards

caesarstone Bench tops 40mm
Close up of caesarstone 2040 Urban

Garage Door with Front render and Wood Cladding

Floor, Shower and Vanity tiles

Ensuite Tiles

Render Painted

Carpets are in

Shower and shower frames

Floorboards are in with perspex cupboard

Floor Boards with LED Down lights

Hallway with LED down lights

Front of house completed
Side of house Completed

Other side of house completed

Front of house completed.

03 November 2013

Taking shape

The fixing has been pretty much completed! All the skirting boards are in and the architrave has been put into place. The plaster still has to come back and fix a few things as it still isn't the perfect flat wall to paint on. Great news the kitchen is starting to come together as well as all the other things we've chosen! That will happen this week and a few other fixes as well.

Painting is scheduled for the following week and plumbing and electrical fit off will happen after painting.

 I'm super excited at this stage after speaking to the site supervisor his main goal is to get us in before Christmas Once again its touch and go. What a present to ourselves.

There's still so much things to do. 6 Weeks still Christmas and soooooo much needed to be done. We've got to organise driveways fencing and all that crap. I think its time for us to buckle down and project plan this!!! (Ewww)

 Anyways check out the photos!

30 October 2013

Better Late than Never

I know I always start by apologising for not writing enough about our house. But it has been quite a busy month for the both of us with everything happening at once.

The last time you would have seen the Frame is up and the roof tiles about to be laid. GREAT NEWS! Finally they have been laid!!! the roof is completed took a look inside and wow what a great house. I'm really excited about this happening and seeing everything come together is even better. We had some set backs due to the weather in Melbourne either its windy, raining or sunshine. The sunshine only happens on the weekends so nothing ever gets done. It's still pretty much touch and go for this side of the year so we'll see how things go.

Roof tiles are on, Bricklayers are finishing up their job and plasters in the house. Pretty much we're at a lock up stage. Our front door arrived and boy is that thing heavy! Check out some photos below.

House All Wrapped up Ready for Bricking
Side of house Almost fully bricked 
Alfresco being bricked up

Awesome Truffle bricks By Austral  
The other side of the house
Some plaster work

Kitchen, Family, Alfresco and Dinning Rooms

The Rear hallway

Bricking to the back of the house

Bricking to the side of the house

07 October 2013

The Frame is Up!

Wow it has been just over a week and we are seeing progress! The race is still on with the house behind us but I think they are slightly ahead as they didn't have any piers. The weather hasn't been playing to our side as Monday and Tuesday was blowing Gale force winds so the framers couldn't get much done. But never the less they have completed the frame. Its so exciting to see everything put together and just imagining where things are going to go. Still feels a little on the small side but I'm told we have to wait until the plaster is up to get a real sense of how small or big the house really feels. I'll stop rambling on and show some photos. At this stage we're still yet to choose an inspector to go through the house for the framing stage.

Side of the house

Front porch

Fiber to the home! Bring it on!!!


Front entry

Kitchen, Family, Dinning and Alfresco


01 October 2013

Slab is down and Framing about to start

Some exciting days have passed and we have our slab down! The foundations have been laid for our build! I must admit I'm really excited to see things starting to happen on our site. Despite the weather the tradies work on. It kinda looks little small but i guess we won't know how big or small our house is until its in full swing. Got the up date from the Site Supervisor to say that everything is on track and is flowing to plan (I'm sure he wouldn't tell us if it wasn't).

Check out the photos of the slab and the start of the framing below.

Fiber to the home conduit through the slab

Master Bedroom with ensuite

Bedroom 4 looking to the front of the house

The alfresco area

The garage doesn't look like it would fit 2 cars

The framing is starting

Rear of the house with kitchen, meals and family room. Kinda looks small

Entry and master bedroom and WIR (THIS IS TINY!)

25 September 2013

Site has been Scraped and Plumbing is in!

Our site has taken off! So much exciting news to come. Spoke to the Site Supervisor and he is a champ. I've been alittle bit slack lately in keeping this up to date but never the less I'm posting now so here it is.
Our site has been scraped, concrete piers have been poured, crushed rock delivered and the plumbing is complete. Slab pour is set for Thurs 26th Sept pending weather and it doesn't look like a good forecast.

Right now we are very optimistic about a early Dec finish but I'm crossing everything to hopefully have it completed for our first Christmas at our very own house. We will see how we go.

One of the concrete piers with the pool in the background

Our Meter box

Back yard Pool

Another Pier

Plumbing is in

Its just pipes and dirt

The site is cleaned up

Crushed rocks fill and level the site

Looking at rear of the house

The garage and beyond